What is Clikker?

1. A place to find sales and specials offered by businesses in your own city.

2. A FREE Classified Advertising website with special features – check it out

3. A Business Search engine – find information on any business in any city.

4. A revolutionary Job Matching service called JobWorxx. We will find you the perfect job or employee.

5. A free Community events listing page. Let your community know what you are doing

6. A site where you can find interesting new products or services in the market.

Clikker operates under 256 bits of SSL encryption which is the highest level of security currently available.

See our privacy policy for more details.

Select your Country Above and we will take you to find your city website from there. Bookmark it so you can check back regularly.

New Merchants get 3 months FREE Trial advertising on any of our city websites – simply sign up and log in, to upload and manage your ads. Training videos available under the FAQ in your admin panel .

1. Participating merchants will offer discounts to card carrying ARISE club members with Clikker.

2. We have an affiliate program that pays 10% commission on all advertising purchases by people you get to join – for life.

3. We share 50% of all our sales revenues with our ARISE club members – great residual income opportunity. This compares with YouTube that pays up to 45% revenue shares on advertising placed on your video.

4. Site Ownership Opportunity – own a city site and earn 10% on all advertising sales in that city.

5. A world class sales and marketing academy. A 2-year course for ARISE members only – work at your own pace and learn how to earn more money and be successful.